Meeting Packet

City of Coffman Cove
Regular City Council Meeting
Thursday, February 16th 2017
Public Hearing 6:45:

At City Hall
Regular Meeting 7:00PM

Call to Order:

Roll Call:
Pledge of Allegiance:
Motion to accept Bryce Brucker’s resignation:
Motion to appoint Mayor:
Public Comment:
Approval of Agenda:
Persons to be heard:

Consent Agenda:  Meeting Minutes

Mayor Report Special Events Report Harbor report
IFA Report Projects – Grants report Water & Sewer report
POWCAC Report Aging Accounts Report Fire Department report
Watershed Report Post Office report EMS report
CC CQE Report Parks-Rec-Maintenance Library report
Fish Enhancement report Garbage report NEFA report


Correspondence/ Issues:

Resolutions & Ordinances:

  1. Resolution 17:12 A resolution by and between the communities of the Prince of Wales Communities Advisory Council (POWCAC) setting transportation priorities for Prince of Wales Island for 2017
  2. Non Code Ordinance 17 01 Budget amendment-second reading
  3. Ordinance 17 01 An ordinance of the city of Coffman Cove prohibiting the operation of marijuana cultivation facilities, the operation of licensed retail marijuana stores and the operation of licensed marijuana product manufacturing facilities.-second reading
  4. Resolution 17 13 FY17 Shared Fisheries Business Tax Program

Unfinished Business:

  1. Wells Fargo Bank account signers: motion
  2. Dock Fingers

New Business:

  1. Update job descriptions-Clerk/ Deputy Clerk-Bridget
  2. Library Internet Provider  Byte Quote     GCI Quote   ACS Quote
  3. Internet Grant-resubmit?
  4. Memorandum of Agreement Department of Transportation Alaska Marine Highway-use of dock
  5. Motion to declare Seat C vacant and post to public

Public / Council Comment: