Rainforest Islands Ferry

Your Passage to Exploring Southeast Alaska
Rainforest Islands Ferry
Scheduled to begin service in 2015

In Spring, Summer, and Fall, the Rainforest Islands Ferry’s new public passenger/vehicle service will connect Wrangell, Petersburg – via South Mitkof – and Prince of Wales Island – via Coffman Cove – four days a week.  Throughout the winter, service will be maintained three days a week between Wrangell, Petersburg, and Prince of Wales Island.

This reliable, fast, comfortable, and scenic ferry service is facilitated by completion and paving of highways to/from the ports of Coffman Cove and South Mitkof.  The Rainforest Islands Ferry will provide mini-coach service connecting with ferry arrivals and departures on both Prince of Wales Island and Mitkof Island, enabling highway transits by ferry passengers without vehicles, including passengers with carry-on kayaks and canoes.  In addition to baggage service for passengers, the ferry and mini-coaches will carry parcel express throughout its service area.
The Rainforest Islands Ferry will feature a selection of observation deck, recliner lounge, and coffee shop seating, and will offer food and beverage service.

Serving Prince of Wales Island via Coffman Cove, Wrangell and Petersburg

Please note the Rainforest Islands Ferry is owned and operated by the North End Ferry Authority not the City of Coffman Cove.

For more information please contact Kent Miller at 907-225-3992 or email him kent@rainforestislandsferry.com