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Title I General Provisions
Chapter 1.01 Code Adoption
Chapter 1.02 Ordinances
Chapter 1.03 Resolutions and Technical Codes
Chapter 1.04 City Information

Title II City Administration
Chapter 2.01 Mayor
Chapter 2.02 City Council
Chapter 2.03 City Council Meetings
Chapter 2.04 City Council Procedures
Chapter 2.05 City Clerk
Chapter 2.06 Responsibility of Officers and Employees
Chapter 2.07 Documents and Records
Chapter 2.08 Treasurer
Chapter 2.09 Treasurer
Chapter 2.10 Coffman Cove Community Library
Chapter 2.11 Platting Authority

Title III Personnel  (3.02-3.05 Repealed)
Chapter 3.01 Purpose
Chapter 3.02 Employment Categories and Definitions
Chapter 3.03 Personnel Policies and Procedures
Chapter 3.04 Classification and Pay Plan
Chapter 3.05 Employee Benefits

Title IV Revenue and Finance
Chapter 4.01 Budget Generally
Chapter 4.02 Budget Procedure
Chapter 4.03 Annual Financial Statement
Chapter 4.04 Contracts and Purchasing
Chapter 4.05 Line of Credit
Chapter 4.06 Sales Tax (not ratified by voters)
Chapter 4.07 Bed Tax (not ratified by voters)

Title V City Elections
Chapter 5.01 City Elections
Chapter 5.02 Election Equipment and Materials
Chapter 5.03 Election Procedures
Chapter 5.04 Absentee Voting
Chapter 5.05 Review of Election Returns
Chapter 5.06 Contest of Election
Chapter 5.07 (Reserved)
Chapter 5.08 (Reserved)

Title VI Public Improvements
Chapter 6.01 Local Improvements and Special Assessments

Title VII Utilities
Chapter 7.01 Water Rates
Chapter 7.02 Sewer Rates
Chapter 7.03 Coffman Cove water & Sewer Department
Chapter 7.04 Rules and Regulation for Water & Sewer
Chapter 7.05 Sanitation Service
Chapter 7.06 Internet Service
Schedule A Water & Sewer Rates
Schedule A Garbage Rates

Title VIII Public Health & Safety
Chapter 8.01 Volunteer Fire Department
Chapter 8.02 Hunting With-in the Residential Area
Chapter 8.03 ATV Use With-in City Limits
Chapter 8.04 Watershed Management & Protection
Chapter 8.05 Marijuana

Title IX Boat Harbor Facilities (Repealed)
Chapter 9.01 General Provisions
Chapter 9.02 Registration & Stall Assignments
Chapter 9.03 Rules for Use of Harbor Facilities
Chapter 9.04 Control of Nuisance & Derelict Boats
Chapter 9.05 Enforcements

Title X Boat Harbor Facilities
Chapter 10.01 General provisions
Chapter 10.02 Registration & Stall Assignments
Chapter 10.03 Rules for Use of Harbor Facilities
Chapter 10.04 Control of Nuisance & Derelict Boats
Chapter 10.05 Enforcements
Chapter 10.06 No Wake Zone
Schedule B Harbor Rates

Title XI (Reserved)

Title XII Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places
Chapter 12.01 Snow removal on an Extraterritorial Basis
Chapter 12.02 Tree Care
Chapter 12.03 Use of Forklifts on City Streets
Chapter 12.04 Signage and Advertising on City Property

Title XIII City Property
Chapter 13.01 Acquisition, Management, and Disposal of Municipal Land

Title XIV Subdivisions
Chapter 14.01 General Provisions
Chapter 14.02 Definitions
Chapter 14.03 Platting Requirements
Chapter 14.04 Minor Subdivisions
Chapter 14.05 Major Subdivisions
Chapter 14.06 Final Plat Approval
Chapter 14.07 Monumentation – Vacations – Dedications
Chapter 14.08 Variances – Appeals
Subdivision Application

Title XV General Public Services
Chapter 15.01 (Reserved)
Chapter 15.02 (Reserved)
Chapter 15.03 General Public Services

Title XVI Port Authority
16.01 Port Authority